Playing with Pallets

2.0 Play & Creativity, All

Common wooden pallets are used all around the world and there are literally endless amounts of them being churned out by manufactures each year, and every year just as many become disused or broken, and are then scrapped.

Reusing pallets for all manor of things is a popular with many people all over the world, where people are trying to be more ‘green’, looking for cheap materials where primary materials are took expensive, or just for creative fun. But doing this is a great way to extend a the life of a pallet, and can replace the need for other products to be made in its place.

Re-using a product or part of a product, in my opinion, is even better for the environment than recycling its materials, where energy in machinery and transportation is needed, and the small amount of DIY adjustments needed to creating something new with a pallet is a great example of this!

The term ‘Pallet Craft’ is even used across the internet to describe the hobby of finding creative ways to reuse pallets.

Playing around with ideas for re-using a wooden pallet, I found a use for it as an indoor light display. A cheap and creative alternative for  soft and ambient indoor lighting for trendy bars, restaurants,  shop floor design or displays, or anywhere else you could imagine it!

The easy access to wooden pallets, and there uniform shape, makes it easy and fun to play with more than one to create a range of lighting displays.


The process from pallet to light display requires barely any manufacturing. The addition of florescent tubes behind some of the slats creates soft ambient lighting, and is more energy efficient than other bulbs keeping the overall environmental impact as low as possible.

I got bored, and sketched pallet. I found out how much I need to improve my sketching.



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